2016-03-19 11.54.png Hey there! You visited this page to know more about me? Well then, let’s see…

My name is Abbygale. Yes, I am a girl and I just turned 19 last February 13. I am living in the Philippines where it’s always bright and sunny (even winter season, yes). I am a college student and pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering. It may seem odd that I didn’t pursue anything related to books but I love innovation and technology as much as I love books.

My family is not quite the reader. I started reading when I was 12 years old. I discovered this magical place called the library. I was with my best friend back then and we started borrowing books and reading it. After reading it, we would discuss it (instead of listening to our professors!). The very first book I borrowed from that library was a Hardy Boys book. My local library is brimming with mystery books! They have all editions of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew as well.

When I got a little older, I tried to ask my mom to buy me books. Luckily, she agreed. And that’s how I got where I am today. My mom still buys me books sometimes but mostly it comes from my own savings.

Besides reading, I love watching TV series. I am in love with Doctor Who. DO WE OOOHHHH. Doctor Who is my life. I also like Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory. Oh– and I love pandas. Like a lot. Someday, I will go to China (they have a zoo there where you can hug a real panda!!!!) and hug a panda.

I don’t actually have a plan for the future– right now, I just want to graduate and then do what I love and then earn enough money to buy books and to support my family as well.

You guys can find me on my other social media accounts:

Instagram: thepandareads

Twitter: @thepandareads

Email: thepandareads@gmail.com


  1. Pamela Nicole says:

    Hi, and welcome Abby! If you have a Twitter account, you should add it somewhere to we can follow you there! And if you don’t, go get one! That’s the other half of where all the bookish discussions take place ๐Ÿ˜‰

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